Why Photography – Capture & Inspire!

To us, photography is about capturing and inspiring images that can move hearts and minds.

Let me do a survey. How much money do you carry with you everyday? Five dollars? Ten? Fifty? If you find yourself scoffing at these numbers, then pay attention to this statistic: one out of every five persons on the face of the earth has to survive on less than US$1 a day. This means more than a billion of our fellow inhabitants are officially defined as living under extreme poverty. Most of them are clustered in the poorest regions of the world: sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, which includes Russia and Ukraine. The decimating effects of poverty are all too real, though affluent societies usually manage to avert their eyes from the painful glare. There’s a term out of sight, out of mind, and that’s just the case isn’t it?

You ask me what poverty is. Listen to me. Here I am, dirty, smelly, and with no “proper” underwear on and with the stench of my rotting teeth near you. I will tell you. Listen without pity. I cannot use you pity. Listen with understanding. Put yourself in my dirty, worn out, ill-fitting shoes, and hear me. Appalling isn’t it? It was the exact scenario when I traveled to Cambodia for my December holidays. As the tour bus rolled down the bustling streets before coming to a stop at our hotel, I could see plenty of street children chasing the bus, decked in clothes that are either too small or too big for them, their eyes seems to eye the bus with a certain kind of hope. My heart goes out to them. For most of us living in modern Singapore, we find ourselves born into such a fortunate environment, No war, no poverty, no diseases.

To them, poverty is being tired.

To them, hot water is a luxury.

To them, poverty is asking for help.

To them, poverty is remembering.

To me, poverty is a nightmare I hope to avoid.

However, I could not just hide my head in the sand could I? Things would never be the same again once you witnessed such incidents. Isn’t caring and concern part of the core values that govern our lives? And photography is a tool that allows us to showcase to the world what’s happening on the other side of the globe!


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