Levi’s Campaign – “Guy Walks Across America”

Recently, Levi’s undertaken an awesome marketing campaign, titled “Guy Walks Across America”, where a guy walks across America wearing Levi Jeans – a pretty simple  concept but rather cool overall.

Every single frame of this epic journey through the video was filmed using the trick of stop motion photography. Each frame was posed with the model keeping still and then photographed, leveraging on time-lapse photography to give the effect of movement on either side.

The entire process was shot over the course of 2 weeks, with one canon camera, a tripod, a few thousand photos, a few thousand miles, a protractor, a string and a bit of math.

Suffice to say, this is simply awesome and amazing! A creative use of photography to make something so wonderful.

– Video: “Guy walk across America”

– Video: “Walk Across America – Behind The Scenes”

Cool isn’t it? 😉


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