Arts Muse’s Musing On Passion

What is passion? At its most simplistic, passion is often a constructive force, as it involves a great liking or enthusiasm for ideas and projects which enrich our lives. It is passionate interest which turns curiosity into experiments, research, and often, important discoveries in all fields of study and life. Therefore, it seems unsurprising that several successful people we have heard of are passionate about their and lives and what they do. Incidentally, they are my idols, not those superficial people we call “stars”.

Truly, passion is also a trademark of influence, insofar as it gives leaders and founders of movements their aura of power and conviction. Great men and women have left marks of their vision on the world, and continue to do so today. They are certainly not lukewarm in disposition, for surely, it would be folly to lead others without conviction and faith. Often, their passion also leads them to deny themselves their own comforts as they forge ahead to bring the human race to new heights, in a common belief and direction. Christ was indeed not alone. He has parallels with the likes of Prophet Muhammad and Buddha. Beyond the prophets and such, there are people today who work for the common good, without much expectation and reward, or even that in their lifetime their work would reap full fruit. I salute those who manage Amnesty International, Greenpeace, UNICEF, etc.I admire the vision of leaders like Anita Roddick, who built corporations promoting humanist values in fair trade. There are heroes among us who passionately believe in the inherent goodness of Earth and humanity.

Blood is the river of life and passion our source of energy. Passion empowers us, passion uplifts us, and passion is the essential ingredient for our life. Passion is the motivation and drive that moves us and it is the fuel of humanity. Passion is a veritable force to be reckoned with. It can build a wonderful world and also elevate entire nations to greater heights of success. I would go as far as to say that passion is the pivot of life and if used constructively, this is the force from which legends are born.

Passion is the key to excellence for photography.

Passion is the motivation to turn photography into a full time career. (Yes, rather unorthodox in Singapore).

Passion is the dogged determination in which we chase our dreams!


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