The Tiny Guide To Capturing Fireworks In Their Total Glory – part 2

6. Turn on noise reduction It will take a few seconds for your camera to remove the “noise” in a photograph, preventing you from taking another shot immediately. Time your shots carefully. 7. Use the self-timer to reduce vibration 8. Use your camera’s fireworks setting It will help you gauge and fine-tune your settings. Really … Continue reading

The Tiny Guide To Capturing Fireworks In Their Total Glory – part 1

So, how did the photos of those fireworks turn out? For those that needs a little help from their friends, here are 11 tips on capturing fireworks on film. 1. Bring a tripod, bring a tripod, bring a tripod. Good fireworks photos require long exposures, and the optimal way to achieve that is to make … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our readers, fans and supporters! Perhaps many of you had ventured to the countdown areas for a chance to capture a shot of the amazing display of fireworks (look out for our guide to photographing fireworks, coming soon!). But it’s new year’s day and we are going to take … Continue reading

Levi’s Campaign – “Guy Walks Across America”

Recently, Levi’s undertaken an awesome marketing campaign, titled “Guy Walks Across America”, where a guy walks across America wearing Levi Jeans – a pretty simple  concept but rather cool overall. Every single frame of this epic journey through the video was filmed using the trick of stop motion photography. Each frame was posed with the … Continue reading